Saturday, October 6, 2012


Last night hangin' with my peeps I had a revelation. No matter what I feel like, God says I'm loved.

In Galatians 2:20 it says, "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me." Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for my righteousness, or "right-standing" with God. So no matter what I've done, and no matter how I feel, I am awesome in God's eyes. His position, not our earthly wealth or knowledge or power, or lack thereof, determines our worth. God loves you, and you are worthy of that love, not because of your accomplishments, but because of Christ's gift.

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So even when you don't feel like it, or maybe ESPECIALLY when you don't feel like it, God thinks you're awesome!

Do we always do awesome stuff? No. All of us have messed up, and continue to do so. That's what grace is all about. A priest once told me that the three most important words in a marriage are, "I Forgive You." I would say that those are not just the most important for marriage, but also the most important words of any relationship, including our relationship with God. He gives those words out like a grandma gives out sweets to kiddos. Have you ever tried to refuse cookies from a grandma? Not accepting those words from Him is like saying, "But God You don't understand, I really messed up this time!" When we walk in His grace, though, we recognize His awesomeness in us.

Are you awesome today? It's just a matter of choice. Choose to believe who you are by the world's standards, or choose to believe who God says you are.

Choose awesome. :)

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  2. I tried to let Jesus drive for me, but I wrecked! ; )

  3. LOL Nice one John. God does have a sense of humor, and he may have built your hotrod, but even Jesus didn't jump when the devil tempted him to test God. ;) DEU6.16