Thursday, September 5, 2013

War on Adversity

I was posed with this question on the DAB's Facebook page this morning...

What is your posture of heart when faced with adversity?

My response was nearly poetic, and automatic, which means I had little to do with it...

NO! Refusal to accept it!
Sometimes my fortitude is met with 
Ever increasing adversity,
Or relinquished grace
Sometimes... when my spirit is right, 
My fortitude is met with blessings
On the other side. 

Sometimes my spirit is worn, 
And I bring a weary, war torn heart to the cross
Desperate for comfort.
God is always faithful. 
He holds my head in His arms as the tears roll,
Whispering, "I know... It will be alright... 
My hand is in this..."

What is your posture of heart when you are pressed in from all sides?

The bible says we will be bruised, but not crushed.

Have hope to endure.

Have peace that transcends your surroundings.

Know that the God who made you, loves you too much to let you stay where you are...

and gives you grace, in abundance, for the journey.

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